Niceballs Brand Fake Dangling Balls

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  • NiceBalls | We have just launched the improved version of NiceBalls with an advanced softness and smoothness retaining the original iconic design. Let's call them "The niceBalls 2.0"
  • Easy to Use | Relief from discomfort and tightness in your hands in a very easy two step process, simply squeeze and release! Stick it under your desk for maximum effectiveness, when work has you tensed up or stressed NiceBalls has your back!
  • Functionality | Eliminates muscle knots and tension, breaks up adhesions and stimulate blood flow. Designed to replicate the feeling of having balls to massage, now all genders can feel the therapeutic relief of having and squeezing balls.
  • Durable | What makes NiceBalls great is the materials used to make it a reality. NiceBalls is made up using hypoallergenic PVC and hypoallergenic oil. You can rest assured that you will have squeezable balls for years to come.
  • Best Gag Gift | NiceBalls is the type of gift that only a true friend would gift, Its suspension rate creates a Euclidean curve that encourages relaxation. Who doesn't want their friends to be relaxed? Only evil people do.


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