Funny and Unusual Gifts to Gift your Loved Ones

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Getting a gift for your friend or family member may be such a hard task especially if they no preference. The holidays are always the perfect time to gift your loved ones through this does not limit you from gifting your friends any other time. 

Gifts are a perfect way to express love, joy, and appreciation, but a funny gift will go a long way in not only expressing love but will bring more sense to the relationship you have with the person. 

Get them that match their funny characters this will make them happier about these gifts. Get them the laugh-until-you-cry gifts ideas are wacky, weird, and wonderful. 

Here is a list of some of the funny and unusual gifts to give your loved ones:

1. Mr. Sniffles Egg Separator

mr sniffles egg separator

This would be an amazing gift to give that friend who is a cooking enthusiast. Though it may seem gross it is a very useful egg separator. This is a piece of art that is a conversation piece and also a convenient tool in the kitchen. 

You crack an egg on top, tilt it forward, and the egg white drips out of the nose. The piece of art is crafted from durable earthenware ceramic and can be used for many things like maple syrup and gravy. 

2. Bicycle Pizza Cutter

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